How To Use Power Tools Safely

Power tools are the delight of every home craftsman and do-it-yourselfer. But power tools particularly can be dangerous when it is not used properly. Safety around power tools is very important. So in addition to knowing how to operate each tool, you must know the safety factor with each power tool. Do not allow your attention to be distracted when operating power tools.

Eye protection is essential when using power tools. The power tools with a greater potential for problems, like grinders, saws, lathes or milling machines, should be run only while wearing a safety shield or goggles. Power tool use can be equally damaging to your ears. So when using such tools, it is also important to wear approved ear protectors, available at most hardware stores. Ear protectors will prevent permanent ear damage. Many thousands of do-it-yourselfers are injured every year while using hand and power tools, often because they failed to use basic safety equipment, especially eye and ear protection.

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