Search Marketing

Today, the most widely used online marketing technique is pay- per-click (PPC) advertising. Pay-per-clik or search engine marketing is a relevant text ad with a link to a company page that is displayed when the user of a search engine types in a specific phrase also referes as to keywords. PPC ads are sold by major search engines and guarantee that the advertiser’s listing will receive favorable placement in the search results for specified keywords.

For new websites, PPC advertising offers the added advantahe of generating traffic while the website is still struggling to achieve good search engine rankings. Effective pay-per-clik advertising involves careful keyword research and selection as well as the writing of a series of ads. Designing appropriate landing pages for your pay-per-click advertising is also essential. Some companies choose to manage their search engine marketing campaigns themselves; and others hire search marketing agency. If you prefer hire agency to manage search marketing, there are many search marketing agencies on the internet. Make sure you only hire experieced agency.

Email marketing campaign

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial messages to an audience. Email marketing allows any business, big or small businesses, to communicate with their clients quickly and cheaply.

If you just start email marketing campaign, you should never email someone without their permission. So before you do anything, you must have customers, clients, members or prospects who have given you permission to email them because they want to get information from you. If you don’t have your own email marketing list, you can buy an email list but these should only be opt-in, cleaned and qualified.

To start email marketing you will need specific software. Your email marketing software should use double opt in confirmation in order to ensure that the messages are welcomed by the recipients. A good software will include an obvious unsubscribe link in all of your marketing emails.