RV maintenance

Whether you buy new or used, an RV is a major purchase, and most buyers will want to protect that purchase to ensure many years of enjoyable travel. For this reason, regular maintenance is essential. Maintenance costs vary according to the type of RV you have. Regular RV maintenance should include inspection of non-mechanical items, such as water heaters and furnaces, and cleaning the interior and exterior of RV.

Cleaning the interior of an RV is not much different than house cleaning, and, in most respects, cleaning the exterior is much like washing an automobile. Today, many cleaning products are available in the market for an RV’s exterior. You can get RV cleaning products and other RV accessories at local RV supply stores or online stores. While they may cost a bit more than their household counterparts, RV products are almost always the wisest choice because they are uniquely formulated for RV materials, soils, uses, and abuses.

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