Hiring a car in Italy

There are many different ways to explore Italy. One of popular method to enjoy vacation in Italy is rent a car and drive it by yourself. A current license from your home country is valid for driving throughout Italy if you are on holiday and renting a car. It is important to remember that the minimum age limit for renting is usually 25 (sometimes 21 or 23) and you must have a credit card.

There are many Italy Car Hire companies available. If you want to rent a car in Italy, it’s well worth booking several days in advance. You will generally get the best deal if you book your rental via the internet before you leave home.

To get the best deal, you should get price quotes from several car rental companies and comparing rates from one company to other. Price quotes for car rentals usually not include all the taxes and fees you’ll have to pay, so when you are comparing rates, ask whether there will be any additional charges.

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