All about red fire ants

The red imported fire ant is the worst of the stinging ants and has become one of the major insect pests in the southern states. If you live anywhere around Florida, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Texas, then you probably know about fire ants. Red imported fire ants first arrived in the United States from South America.

Fire ants are extremely aggressive and they are carnivorous; their diet is made up of other insects, spiders, and other small insect. The imported red fire ant causes a painful bite and kills off many native insect and other population in the areas they invade. Fire ants will nest almost anywhere in the outside especially warm, sunny spots, and composite piles. Fire ants also will nest close to or in electrical devices, which could result in short circuitry. Bites from red fire ants is painful. For those who experience severe allergic reactions, the sting can be lethal.

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