Advantages of the Sole Proprietorship

The sole proprietorship is a business structure for a firm that is owned and operated by one person. So, if you are the only owner of the business or didn’t have partner, then your business is called as sole proprietorship.

Every kind of business structure has different advantages. For sole proprietorship, because you are the only owner and operated the business then you have fewer formalities and legal restriction will get fast approval to obtain business license.

Because you have no partner, then you have complete control for the business. You can do anything that you want because you didn’t have responsibility to other people. There is no other boss, except your customers. And the most obvious benefits is you are not required to share profits with anyone.

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Free virus protection

In recent years, computer viruses have been publicized as one of the most serious threats known to computer security. Virus protection is an important thing to have on any computer that connects to the Internet. The earliest computer viruses were spread through floppy disks and other storage media that were used to exchange messages. Today, viruses spread on various ways such as downloading programs from the Internet, sharing diskettes, opening e-mail attachments, and much more.

Virus protection programs work by scanning files for recognizable virus characteristics. As new computer viruses appear permanently, it is absolutely necessary to update antivirus software frequently. Fortunately most antivirus programs automatically update your antivirus protection as well as the antivirus definitions when you log on to the internet through a process called live update or online update.

To combat the rapidly growing virus problem, there are a variety of virus protection software programs available on the market. These programs are available from both commercial and free antivirus software. There are many antivirus companies giving users free virus protection. If you want free antivirus software from reliable source you should go to There you can download Norton Antivirus for free. So make sure your computer have a good virus protection to avoid any problems in the future.

The Pricing Decision

The decision of what price to charge for your product or service has a major influence in several important areas, which include the following:
  • Profit: The price you select determines how much profit you make.
  • Recouping your investment: The price at which you decide to sell your product or service determines how quickly you are able to recover the investment you made in developing and marketing your product or service.
  • Resources available for promotion: Your price helps determine the amount of financial resources you have at any given time to compete in the marketplace.
  • Ability to penetrate a new market: The price you select determines whether you are successful in getting your product introduced into a new market.
  • Image: The price you select creates an image of the product and of your business. A high price usually implies status and quality. A low price may imply economy or value, but be careful as it could also imply low quality.

Protect your children with life insurance

If you have young children, consider buying a life insurance which would provide cash to support your children if you died while they were still young. There are many companies offer life insurance. You need to compare two or more different products when purchasing life insurance.

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Make Money with Your Camera

Every fields of human endeavor needs photographs to document and interpret subjects or events. This is a good reason for you to start your own business on photography. Before start business of photography, you should have your own digital camera. On the market, digital cameras come in various types, models, and prices.

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Save money on airline tickets

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Small Business and Society

Entrepreneur or small business gives a great contribution to our society. Today, most new jobs come from small businesses not giant corporations. So as small business owner you make contribution toward eliminating unemployment.

Entrepreneurship and small business built almost all country in the world including this country and is still building it today. As a successful small businessperson, you not only become wealthy and live your dream but also to help the U.S. economy and to help limit unemployment. With this great contribution, our government gives more attention to small business in various ways such as give a grant, easy permit, and much more.

IBM AS 400 for your business

IBM AS 400 is a midrange server designed for multi-user computer system where a single computer can interact with more than one user at a time. IBM AS 400 is widely installed in small corporations, in government agencies, and in almost every industry segment.

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Marketing your key to success

Whatever your business and how large they are, you should pay attention to marketing. A marketing is key to success for any business. Unfortunately many small business people say that they just don’t have time for marketing.

Marketing is a method to attract customers. Without customers, a business is out of business and dying. Because marketing is the way to get and keep customers, that means marketing is the key to keeping your business breathing.

You must have commitment to learn how marketing effectively. There are many books, workshop, and training that can help you to understand about marketing. With a great marketing skill you can beat all of your competitors.